Portlander's Love Gluttony and Drunkenness

The results of our latest poll, asking Portlandites what their favorite rainy day activities are (multiple choices were available for simultaneous selection, thus the total percentage adding up to well over 100%, you sleuth, you):
  • 48% will get re-acquainted with their favorite pub/restaurant/coffee shop
  • 44% will camp out in their local $3 movie theater
  • 28% will remain indoors smoking dope, drinking 40s, getting artsy, etc.
  • 28% will sink further into clinical depression until June 2008
  • 28% will catch a Blazers game (go Sergio!)
  • 16% will explore the local music scene

Certainly a few surprises here, namely that as indie music-friendly as we claim to be as a city, not even a quarter of you plan on catching a local act one of these rain-filled nights...disappointing. I wonder if this is indicative of our music scene being over-saturated with talent, or if it simply means we aren't yet ready to be that arts-driven, burgeoning cultural mecca that we keep hyping ourselves as.

Well, at least we like to eat, drink coffee, and do drugs...


Don't forget to vote in this month's new poll, which attempts to discover what Portland is missing in it's quest for Greatness.

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