More Nuggets

- The Academy Awards came and went without any recognition of Sacha Baron Cohen's cine-magic in Borat. How could those pretentious turds not see Borat's brilliantly created character as an acting achievement for the ages?

- I got promoted at work. My new schedule is Wednesday through Saturday, 12 - 10 pm. Unfortunately I can't get off at 10 because they haven't hired anybody who can work until 11, when the overnight staff take over. So, to sum up my joy and excitement over the promotion: I get a minimal raise to work the opposite end of the week as most my friends, work later than I should have to (without overtime pay because I'm salaried), and to carry more stress and responsibility. Yay!

- The Nuggets have lost like 10 out of their last 12 games. How does that happen when you have Iverson and Melo on the same team? They alone account for 60 points a game.

- Old and I went to Lucky's pub on NE 28th and NE Glisan the other night. Small, local, and a nice mix of people. We met Old's "friend" from Alabama there. Last time we were there, this random southern cat thought Old's "Beat LA" shirt stood for Lower Alabama, and he got offended. It was a weird coincidince that Old was sporting the shirt again when we ran into him a second time. Anyway, he was too concerned with the hippy chick he was dancing with to recognize the shirt.

- Spring Training has started and I can now count down the days until the Giants again make a futile push to postseason play.