Photographic Nuggletts

-As many of our friends know, this year's Santacon has already come and gone. We're still reeling in holiday cheer (aka Drunkenness), frantically trying to piece together our respective notes scribbled on the outside of crushed beer cans, elf panties, and various other unmentionables. For a taste of what's to come in the weeks ahead, please visit the link below, for what is surely the gayest (holiday-cheeriest?) display you're ever likely to see from Jeff and I.

-My dad, Kes and I were made famous the other day on East PDX News' website. The pictures were taken from our visit to the Portland Streetcar open house last month. I can't believe how knowledgeable I look...I was actually just wiping a booger on the map of Stumptown for lack of a better disposal method.

-Here's a nice picture of Jeff and I celebrating the anniversary of the end of Prohibition with some flapper floozies. Don't worry Kes, hands were kept firmly in pockets.

-Here are a few pictures from a recent camping trip on the coast of Oregono to celebrate our buddy Bobby's birthday (I think that's why we were there...it was a few months back). Please note Ian's pseudo-tuxedo shirt, the infamous boombox, and the proudly displayed bag of exotic nibblets.

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What A Wonderful Tee-Shirt