Portland Repeals Prohibition

Okay, so maybe not...but they did celebrate the 75th anniversary of Prohibition's death throes, with an all-locals music/entertainment ear/eye-feast at Berbati's (is it just me, or has this club been just killing shit this year?) last night. Thank you, Portland, for yet another free show (make sure to check out tonight's free sets from the Blue Scholars, Sleep, and some cats from Sandpeople, also at Berbati's @9:30pm)...you make it possible to be both poor and entertained. A great crowd, filled with fedora-sporting gents, boa-wearing flapper girls, and believe or not, Beck (who I overheard whispering in Allen Ginsberg's ear, "Yo tengo chicle en mi cabeza."). I also managed to pull in a ton of free swag...hell...yes.

The amazing line-up:

-Things started off with my good friend, alcohol. Whiskey and ginger ale happened to be the night's special (and our frequent choice until we ran low on funds and switched to our old $2 standby, PBR), which was particularly appropriate, as ginger ale was advertised as the alternative to alcohol during Prohibition.

-Portland Mercury Pizzazz Talent Show finalists, Kazum, took center stage with their sex-charged acrobatics...short and cringe-inducing (I remember thinking "Oh, man, he's going to drop her on her neckface like a handless wetnurse!"), their three mini-performances quickly won over the drunken crowd.

-Boy Eats Drum Machine killed the stage with their frenetic instrument-switching, and amazing beats...great energy. I haven't heard much from these guys before, but now I think I'll have to buy an album or two.

-Stepping outside for a tasty bogue, my eardrums promptly exploded by the sheer concussive force emanating from the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, who then marched inside and blew the shit out of the club. These gals and dudes are a must see, which isn't hard to do if you live here, as they seem to be everywhere (peace marches, roller derby games, soapbox derby car races on extinct volcanoes). I love these folks.

-One of my favorite locals, Ohmega Watts, was up next, bringing with him fellow Lightheaded crew member, Braille, and recently transplanted Theory Hazit. Ohmega is just solid, with both his lyrics and beatwork straight out of Pete Rock's School of Inspiration. He's got a new album out, Watts Happening...I just bought it and haven't yet given it a spin, but I'm sure it's bound to be solid CD gold. Braille is fucking energy encapsulated (did anyone else see this kid at PDXPopNow! besides Jeff and I?), and is always fun to watch. New in town via Cincinnati, Theory Hazit wasted little time in impressing folks with his mathematically relentless rhymes. Luckygreen and I had a chance to chat with him for awhile, and he really impressed us with his sincerity towards the music he creates, as well as his deep love of Portland...he visited once and found he couldn't stop thinking about the City of Roses, so he convinced his girl to make the move, just like that. He hates the rain, though. Oh, don't we all, my friend, don't we all.

-Last and far from least, superfuckingstar husband/wife combo Viva Voce set up shop, and proceeded to incinerate the very air we breathed. Kevin Robinson dropped atom bombs on his drum kit, while Anita Robinson seared souls with her intricately destructive guitar work. This duo rips shit. When solos were being tossed at the crowd like grenades, I'd look around, and people had their eyelids peeled back, stoopid grins on their grills, and I'm pretty sure they weren't breathing. Good work, guys. Kevin wrapped up their set with this cheerful holiday proclamation: "Merry Chewbacca or Happy Buddha Kitchen or whatever you do."

You too, man.

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