A few tidbits covering the last couple days:

- The Clinton Street Theater continues to impress with its wide array of obscure and cooky films. While dining at Subrosa, across the street from the theater, Old, Kes, and I noticed the following two movies were playing: Electric Apricot, the Quest for Festeroo and Blood Feast. The former is a mockumentary of a Jerry Garcia-loving rock band attempting to get themselves in the Festeroo jam-band festival. No doubt, a winner. Blood Feast, on the other hand, is a bit more, well, imaginative. I'll let the theater's description of the movie speak for itself:

Egyptian caterer busies himself collecting body parts from young maidens in order to bring Ishtar, an ancient goddess of good and evil back to life. When he has prepared enough parts for the ceremony, he hypnotizes a woman giving an engagement party for her daughter, at which he plans to perform the ancient rites of summons, using the daughter as his final sacrifice.

- While taking advantage of 2-for-1 coupons at Subrosa, Old and I managed to also get a little tipsy off a bottle of wine. Although not very significant, I can't think of another time I've ordered wine at a restaurant, let alone split an entire bottle. It almost made me feel grown up. To immediately rid myself of that grown up feeling, we finished our meals and walked across the street to the Clinton Street Pub, where we drank beer, listened to punk music, and made fun of the Giant Women from Turkmenistan.

- Old made it clear, later that night, that he is adamantly opposed to the Starbucks empire. Also, he apparently does not like Paul McCartney. Old made these two facts known by doing the following: while driving by Starbucks, he rolled his window down and screamed, "I hate you Starbucks." He promptly spit in the direction of said demon, and continued shouting, "Fuck your motherfuckin' Paul McCartney display." Word!

- Straight from the Valley-Jo, E-40 Fonzerelli was in town last week to help Cool Nutz, the godfather of Portland rap, celebrate the release of his newest album, King Cool Nutz. The Ambassador of the Bay, 40 Water himself, showed his support for the Portland rap game at the Roseland Theater, alongside Cool Nutz and Maniac Loc. I would have gone, but nobody "told me when to go."

- So much for the Monster Storm of 2007. What was billed as the biggest storm to hit Oregon in over a decade, turned out to be just a little rain and some wind. Not exactly atypical for Portland, no? I hear the coast got a few big gusts of wind, but the "hurricane force" storm that was supposed to wipe Portland off the map did not nearly live up to the hype.

- The Blazers won a game on the road. Yes folks, to avoid matching a franchise-worst winless streak away from the Rose Garden, the Trail Blazers beat the Memphis Grizzlies 106-105 Monday night. Brandon Roy found his game and led the team with 26 pts. and 9 rebounds, while Travis Outlaw (that's your boy, Kes) played Mr. Clutch and hit a buzzer beater (Aldridge's favorite phrase) at the end to win the game.


Oldie said...

What the fuck is that hogwash tied to 40's neckchain?


Pork said...

I beg your pardon Oldie, but don't you go dissing any "hog" anything...you see that curly tail?

luckygreen said...

E-40 is a boss tycoon hog. I guess they wear stuff like that.

Careful of Pork...She is the other white meat.