Portland is hecka bloggy

Don't let our seemingly small viewership fool you. Yes, few people vote in our polls (it's on your right...take some time to make your voice heard), and even fewer leave comments (thanks go out to the faithfuls that do). However, without the efforts of Olde and myself, the Portland blog scene would be like Gladys Knight without the Pips (if only that were true).

Actually, as it turns out, Olde and I are quite the small fish in Portland's big pond of bloggers (hard to believe, huh?). I say big pond because, as pointed out in a recent Oregonian article, Portland is the "bloggiest" city in the States after the number-one-ranked Austin, TX. The numbers state that 1 out of 7 Portland residents has "read or added to a blog in the last 30 days." That's a lot.

Knowing that blogs are so popular in Portland only fuels our dogged determination to reach the masses. We are against some stiff competition, though. In fact, "Tales from the Stump" is just one of 370 Portland blogs registered on the Oregon Blogs website. And that number hardly represents the sheer size of Portland's blogger community! Rather than competing, though, Olde and I, in the true spirit of Portland community mindedness, would simply like to add to the blog culture and carve out our own niche.

How many of them talk about drinking 40s on the Steel Bridge, anyway?


Pork said...

As the old adages go...."it's not quantity, but quality" and "good things come in small packages"....ahem....

ben said...

pdxstump currently shows 895 sites with an rss feed. 466 of those are tagged blog. Portland is indeed a very bloggy town.