Liza Rietz/John Blasioli Grand Opening

If you're into Stumptown's homegrown fashion scene, you've probably already either heard of or been invited to the grand opening of the joint venture between Liza Rietz (Kes and I are really happy for you!) and a broken spoke's John Blasioli. Otherwise, the party is tonight from 5-8pm at the retail store/studio located on 2305 NW Savier. It's a cozy spot, so be prepared for some close-quarters shoulder-rubbing to go along with the food, drinks, and music.

Make sure to check out their work:

Liza Rietz

a broken spoke


Chelsea said...

Ooooh, I heard about this, but hadn't found their sites. Thanks!!

Oldie said...

It was a nice party...my favorite element was the DJ, Hostile Tapeover, who relied solely on his 80's and 90's rap collection to soundtrack the event. It doesn't get much better than a bottle of Session, a handful of figs, and some De La Soul.