KATU Says, Hey Blogger.

Last week, out of the mists I received a strange Evite asking me and around 300 locals to a "Portland Blogger Meetup" hosted by KATU (one of our local idiot box news channels) and the mysterious Brian Westbrook. Admittedly, my first reaction was to click the delete button...however, curiosity got the best of me (delayed inquisitiveness = 8,943, initial instinct = zilch) and I decided to RSVP my attendance.

Surprising to all in attendance, last night's event was actually a great deal of fun. We got a tour of all two rooms of KATU's building, I rested my bummy arse on the anchors' desk, and we took a group photo (followed up, of course, by a group hug...not really, but one would have been nice). Free finger food, wine and a keg of local brew (Widmer Bros. ) definitely performed the task of social lubricant, as I'm sure was intended. Everyone who showed up (maybe 50 folks all told) quickly found someone interesting to talk with and do a bit of the ol' networking.

Here are a few of the individuals I had a chance to chat with:
-Rick from beerdrinker.org
-Chelsea from {frolic!}
-Elizabeth from Lizzy Dishes Portland
-Emma (and her friend Emily) from Cheeky Boots

Disappointingly, no one took me up on my offer of a 40 oz. of Steel Reserve out in the parking lot afterwards; not that I really needed the malted-Nectar of the Gods as I was already slightly drunk.

Oh well, next time...(KATU?)


Chelsea said...

It was actually quite fun. Was great to meet you!

Rick said...

cheers. I too had a good time. Free beer and good peope really do the trick.

Emma said...

Heya Dustin you sexy cat. It was fun to meet you. That would be my "girlfriend" Emily (don't even get me started on LGBT invisibility) Here's my other blog I was mentioning about passive income and how to become joyously alive and filthy rich (or at least not have to work like a monkey in a cage): tao of prosperity. And the book is "The Four Hour Work Week". Go read it!


Oldie said...

Consider it read, Emma.