Conspiratorial YACHT Films

There is an explanation for the "plethora" of posting occuring lately...Jeff is off gallavanting around the country with his co-worker buds (probably learning how best to hate one another by this point), while I've been hiding in my closet, blinds closed, door triple-locked, phone and internet disconnected, unshaven and babbling to myself in the dark. You see, the government is monitoring our site, and have obviously put a hit out on Jeff and I. It all started with my Breaking News From Months Ago! post, where I laid out info on the Noble Resolve exercise about to occur (and now thankfully over...we survived! Whew, that was a close one...until next month's TOPOFF exercise at least). Then someone from the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Joint Forces Command leaves a comment, directing readers to more accurate information (as if my conspiratorial rantings weren't sufficient). Why are they reading our blog? I'm so glad I pay taxes for this...oh my, someone just peeked through my window, I can feel it. Ahhgghh...I'm hit...with a...mind-control...thought-beam...the agony.

Moving on.

Am I the only one who's been paying attention to the Sunsilk hair commercial? Has anyone else heard Portland's own YACHT (formerly 1/2 of The Blow, Jona Bechtolt) soundtracking this product propaganda on the boob toob? I don't know whether to cheer or shed a tear. The track, by the way, is "I Love A Computer" and it's pure awesome.

Watched a dizzying array of films lately...

On the Big Screen:
-Rescue Dawn...it's fucking Werner Herzog, so go see it. It's basically a remake of his earlier film/documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly.

-Knocked Up...Seth Rogen is he-lare-E-us. One of the few "comedies" I've seen in the last decade that actually made me laugh more than twice in the entirety of it's running time (if at all). Thank you, Judd Apatow, you can now bring back Freaks and Geeks...the world might be ready for it by now.

-The Adventures of Baron Munchausen...a typical Terry Gilliam crazy-fest. Moments of sheer brilliance, but tedious and overlong. Better know as the film that destroyed his career, which alone is worth witnessing.

On the Little-Bitty Screen:
-THX 1138...always wanted to see the film debut of George Lucas, and the wait paid off. In many ways, I think I enjoyed it more than Star Wars...it's certainly not family friendly, and there is no Jar Jar Binks/Ewoks/Samuel L. Jackson to grate my nerve endings.

-Touchez Pas Au Grisbi...as good as The Departed was, it only takes watching a film like this to remember they had gangster down pat way back in 1954. Jean Gabin is a gangster's gangster as Max le Menteur.

-au hasard Balthazar...a Robert Bresson masterpiece that's been on my list for centuries. The complexity and depth of meaning present in this film is something I'll need to contemplate on for a long time to come. Is the Donkey Christ? Hmmmm...


faceturnsread said...

I wish the government would read my blog and comment. But I only blog about John Mayer.

Sunsilk is a shampoo sold in the Philippines. When I first saw it being sold here I thought oooh! what's next?! Canned cheese?

Canned cheese is good on pan de sal.

Lizzy said...

I love Freaks and Geeks and all movies and shows by Judd Apatow! He is funny. Nice to meet you tonight!

Anonymous said...

glad to see that you didn't let no stupid mcarthy era type spying stop you from writing.

Anonymous said...

it's true, i just saw the ad and it's totally jona. crazy!