Currently My Favorite Craigslist Ad

Kes and I have decided to vacate our current shit hole of an apartment and move into a new one. Typing in "shit hole" into the Craigslist keyword box to narrow down our options, I came up with this beauty (original spelling left intact).
For your viewing pleasure:

RE:$700 / 2br - House and Garage,
Beaumont across from Fife restaurant

Reply to: hous-381193703@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-07-24, 11:49AM PDT

Don't bother looking at this place.

Roof needs work
Gutters are falling off
Extreme water damage through out home
Not 2bd, more like On bedroom and powder room
Holes in the sheetrock wallpaper falling off
Smells like piss (human)
Back yard has a pile of rubish
Broken window Needs new siding
This place was purchased for less than $165k and he hasn't put a dime of work into it.

-Shit Hole Slum Loard Beware-

I'm going to report it to DHS this afternoon!

$700 a month for nothing.
PostingID: 381193703

Obviously, we move in on Tuesday at 3pm.


Slug said...

First night in the new shit hole...how was it?

Oldie said...

I don't know...we fell through the moldy stairs while moving our first load out of the moving truck and have so far been unable to extricate ourselves. At least there's a wireless connection down here in the dark, rat-infested basement tunnel to keep us occupied while we wait for help.

pork said...

Your Alaskan adventure should have prepared you for this. When's the house-warming party?