This Morning's Meteor "Shower"...

...was more like a clogged meteor sprinkler.

For the first time in personal memory, I actually set my alarm for 4:15 am in order to witness what was supposed to be one of the best meteor showers in the last 2 1/2 decades. In 30 minutes, I saw exactly 3 star shootlets. Not exactly breathtaking. Perhaps there were more than my eye could visualize, but due to the dismal urban light pollution in the NEP (that's Northeast Portland for all you suckas out there) I was apparently out of luck.

Two fortuitous things did happen in reward for my lost sleep:

-I discovered why my herbs aren't growing past the level of what can only be described as "scorched-earth"...apparently my killacat Frisco takes moonlight snacking seriously, God bless her ravenous heart.

-It still terrifies me to recount the horror of this event, but I was subjected to utter fearfulness by the repeated blood lust-filled wailing of the elusive Urban Yeti.

I'm sure that I only narrowly escaped complete destruction at the hands of this ferocious manbeast. Contact me if you'd like to put a posse together to go hunt for this monster sometime in the near future, though I may decline my own attendance, as cowardice is central to my life philosophy.

I did manage to snap off a few images of the hairy creature as he was shambling down the street...

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Anonymous said...

so glad you didn't wake me up for this one...love you.