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For our next poll (the current one is not done, so keep voting), we want you, the readers, to provide us with some ideas. The poll will survey where Portlanders take out-of-town guests to get a sense of the city and it's environs. We're not looking for, "When my parents come to visit, we usually go out for pastries and coffee." Rather, we want a more Portland-specific theme, such as, "When my parents come to visit, I take them to Voodoo doughnuts to get a 'cock and balls' pastry." Get it.

We're looking for unique Portland experiences that you share with out-of-towners. This will also be a chance for our readers to engage in dialogue via our comments section. So, if you will, please leave comments on what is a unique Portland destination point. We will then take your ideas and form them into a poll for next month.


P.S. If you are not local to Portland, you can still comment on places you like to go when visiting...or even would like to go if you ever make it to the Stump.

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cindy said...

The first problem is getting your parents to visit Portland.....well, one parent in particular. Actually, I would like to visit Voodoo doughnuts, I've read so much about it. Having Jeff or Dustin as tour guides is a must. I enjoy seeing the "hoods" and would like to incorporate a unique meal in each one.