Poll Results Unsurprising

The final tally of votes for August's poll "Does Portland need Major League Baseball?" is as follows:

-Certainly. The city should purchase the SF Giants and move them north.
= 22%

-Mos Def. Any old team would do, as long as they're not called the Beavers.
= 54%

-No...as in you don't kNOw. I despise sports, and I must go now to see my favorite emo band, Feelings Hurt.
= 0%

-Never ever ever. I'm a member of Mayor Tom Potter's "I Hate Fun" club.
= 0%

-Completely ambivalent. Is baseball that game with the hoops?
= 22%

In short, a resounding majority of participants (76%, as computed using an equation only a genius such as myself can even begin to comprehend) want a MLB team located right here in Portland.

Do you hear that Tom Potter & Co.?

The people have spoken.


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Two great websites dedicated to bring MLB to the Stump:



Don't forget to check out their location finder on where to pick up a "Bring Big League Baseball To Portland" bumper sticker.