Welcome to the Red Flag

While slowly becoming one of Olde's and my favorite bars, The Red Flag seemingly has very few qualities that would propel it to such acclaim. There are no signature drinks, no decorative themes, nor is there a pool table. What the Red Flag does have, though, is a quiet corner on NE 28th Avenue (at Flanders) and an unpretentious vibe inside. The setting is dark, laid back, and does not cater to a specific clientelle. The Red Flag serves cheap drinks, has an assortment of tasty food niblets (the rice and beans dish hits the spot every time), and, most importantly, houses one of the best juke boxes in Portland (the ones with internet access don't count). For example, one can create a cacophony of sound with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Tom Waits, and Boots Reilly from the Coup. Also, you can always count on some terrible B-movie to be playing on the TV screen above the bar (Snakes on a muthafuckin' Plane was playing last time Olde and I were there).

Subtly calling attention to itself with an earth-toned mural on the outside wall, the Red Flag, while being unpretentious and low-key, does have its quirks. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to find movies such as Snakes on a Plane playing on the TV above the bar. Also, there is a poster on the wall near the bathroom paying homage to baseball's home run king. Yes, folks, there is indeed a poster of Barry "US" Bonds displayed proudly on a back wall. Across from this wall is where the juke box sits. And it is this very juke box that brings Olde and I such great pleasure (although Oldie has difficulty operating it). In fact, it is with said juke box that Olde and I plan to claim Red Flag as our own. Our plan revolves around playing non-stop Wu-Tang, E-40 and the Click, the Coup, Spice 1, and Outkast, thus forcing the erstwhile hipsters out. Hopefully we'll sneak in a Johnny Cash, too. All along, we'll be throwing back cheap PBRs and chompin' on some of that bomb beans and rice.

When you get a chance, and are in the mood for a heavy rotation of hip hop on the juke box, stop by the Red Flag. You'll be glad you did.


Ace said...

All I need is the date and time this hip-hop overload will take place and I'm thur

Pork said...

Bonds huh?????? Wu-Tang, E-40....all so reminiscent of our Petaluma days. Sounds like the place to be.

Oldie said...

Naw, mayne...the plan was to play the terrible live version of Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" 40 times in a row.

Ace...hit one of us up by email if you're a serious hip hop head. We're always looking for more folks to go to shows, talk shop, etc. The Stump is definitely rap-challenged, for the most part.

drake leLane said...

RE: Bonds poster

Danny, the owner, is originally from California, and remains a steadfast fan of the SF Giants and the LA Lakers.