Breitenbush Hippydrome

Kes is the one that's pregnant, and yet I'm fucking exhausted, too. How's that work? Anyway, this + the move next week = no blog posts lately. Sorry guys, it's just not that important in the grand scheme of things. I write this because some crazy woman has been bombarding Jeff and I's email addresses with psychotic rants about the lack of recent entries.

Get over it, one.

Really though, we have been remiss in our duties to our faithful readers. I'll try and knock out a few of these before the month is up. Take what you get, 'cause it ain't going to be the usual life-changing prose for a minute. Or two.

A good long while back, Kes and I took some much needed vacation time off from work/school and headed out into the wilds of Oregon for a bit of relaxation, crunchy hippy-style. Yes, we went to Breitenbush Hot Springs. This place certainly brings you closer to the Light, makes you feel one with the aura of your earth-brothers and moon-sisters, aligns your chi tai chi chis and all that weed-induced delusional love-speak.

I mean, just look at their mission statement:
Our Mission: To provide a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined.

That ganja sure was potent and soon after returning home I saw that I had grown six toes on each foot. I'm not sure one would go so far as to label that evolution, but it certainly was something I'd never imagined. Regardless, this place kicks ass. Good organic meals, a quiet contemplative atmosphere, amazingly well-maintained yards and hot spring-fed soaking pools, helpful staff, and lots of naked buttocks...what's not to like? Not sure what their rates are like, since we have a good friend who works there and let us stay in her cabin for free (score). It comes highly recommended, especially as a way to shed some of the stress and frantic tics that come with urban life. (You know..."The Portland streets ain't nothin' nice, get caught up, another figga gettin' smoked tonight..." - Cool Nutz/G-Ism)

I'll let the pictures say the rest...

Sunrise upon the River.

Some lovingly crafted handmade monument to the powerful stench of Sulphur.

A typical soaking pool...it was here that I discovered the meaning of life.

An absolutely unfuckwittable view, no?


luckygreen said...

"The Portland streets ain't nothin' nice..."
Nice Cool Nutz plug. I'm gonna leave some reference to him in every blog I write from here on out.

Pork said...

Nice toes.....