Portlanders Vote "Down With Whitey!"

The results of our latest poll, asking fellow Stumptowners what Portland is missing in its quest for Greatness:
  • 43% chose "Less honkies, more diversity." Amen, down with Whitey.
  • 25% chose "Another professional sports franchise, preferably MLB."
  • 18% chose "Less Gresham." We just lost two readers, both the only technologically literate folks in that fair city to the east.
  • 12% chose "A dedicated arts-driven Civic Center."
  • 0% chose "An iconic building...Big Pink doesn't cut it." I guess we have those two shiny new flying suppositories to be proud of.
  • 0% chose "A permanent, year-round public market."
  • 0% chose "More sun. Please." Roundly defeats the idea that we hate us some rain (actually, we really do).

Be sure to vote in this month's two polls, asking who's your favorite Trailblazers starter and backup in honor of their hot shitness of winning 15 of their last 16 games, apparently due to the sheer magical splendor of Sergio Rodriguez's hexing abilities and his fondness of pata negra.


Anonymous said...

that was really hard....sergio and Outlaw on the same survey!!!! arrghhh....love you boo

Sleeping Crow said...

The pope is evil. What goes on under those robes? What's REALLY in the basement of the Vatican? The pope is evil!

- Not the Pope

Pork said...

With Gresham being the fourth largest city in Oregon, you'd think there would be more than two techno- literates! We have more than that in Amboy. They're all toothless, but technologically literate.

luckygreen said...

If shotguns, bottle openers, and big-wheel trucks count as technology, I'd say you have a point.

Oldie said...

Dohnt forgeet thoese mufuckin meeth keytchens...thaets peer tekmologee, Jeffro.

Pork said...

Since they're all toothless they have to learn how to work a bottle opener early in life...hmmmm, maybe that's why they're all toothless!