King Muhfuckin Cool Nutz

When Northwest hip hop finally gets its due, it may be too late for Cool Nutz to capitalize off of it. However, his legend will be cemented nonetheless, as he has been to the Portland rap scene what E-40 is to the Bay. Since founding Jus Family Records in 1992, alongside fellow Portland musician, Bosko, Cool Nutz has released multiple records and appeared on countless other albums. But, being victim to a small market and a less than well known Northwest hip hop scene, Cool Nutz hasn't been able to bring his success to the main stream level. Perhaps that's by his own doing, though, as he has been able to sell more than 60,000 units independently. And maybe this is where his greatest success lies. While grinding independently, Cool Nutz, the "voice of Northeast Portland," has been able to propel his label into a legitimate business, while also garnering the attention of major recording artists. For example, E-40 was in town not too long ago to celebrate the release of his most recent album, King Cool Nutz.

What's admirable, too, is that Cool Nutz has not abandoned his down-to-earth, street hustle and grind. A few weeks ago, Olde and I were at Berbati's catching a Blue Scholars show (see blog)when we ran into the man himself. Without causing a scene or demanding any kind of attention, Cool Nutz was posted in the back of the bar handing out fliers and promoting himself...just as he probably did when he began his career 15 years ago. And what's just as admirable is that after blogging about running into him, Cool Nutz posted a comment on our blog.

So even though the rest of the world hasn't caught up to Cool Nutz, and maybe never will, he'll always be remembered for bringing "harsh game to the people." The Portland rap scene will always be indebted to Cool Nutz, as will true rap fans in general.
Much love to Cool Nutz.

If you get a chance, peep his myspace page, as well as his label's website:


Pork said...

I peeped Cool Nutz "myspace". Impressive stuff. The dude is sure busy, with lots of other talent as well. I like the Blazers shirt.

Sluggy said...

Way to give props to a "real" hip-hopster! ...cool beats from original streets...and all that!

Cool Nutz said...

Thanks for the love. I appreciate that greatly and look forward to working even harder to get Portland recognized.

Anonymous said...

I like artists that are ture to your their word...and coolnutz is just that for sure!

Pork said...

....and true to their roots.