Drunken Baby Campfest

I know it's lazy to just throw up some photos, but blog or die, right? Anyways, force yourself to get over it, as you'll be seeing a lot of these kinds of posts from me over the next few weeks as I blaze through my backlog of photos I'd like to share wit'chya'll (that means "with all of you" for those not accustomed to the dialogue of Oklahoman Mongoloids).

The following photos are from a relatively recent camping trip (translate that to "over a year ago") that Kes and I took out to the lovely Oregon coast, namely Sunset Bay and Shore Acres State Parks.
-Arriving in Deuce-One-Seis, we had's to get thuggity thuggity thuggity.

-In all seriousness, this was a great campsite...green, secluded, next to a babbling brook, already stocked with firewood and banana-loving monkey dorks...

-There were dozens of these old tree root canals, preserved by the salt water after this ancient forest was submerged in a rising sea many hundreds of years ago.

-Lots of neat little honeycomb hideouts to, well...hide your honey in? Somebody shoot me in the face for that, please.

-In your face evidence of extra-terrestrial visitations to our corner of the world.

-Talk about a good reason for forced-extinction. Sea urchins recently developed a highly intelligent brain (it's been all over the news), and the best use they can put it to is discovering how to eat rubber bands, something the human race mastered millenia ago.

-Future site of an IKEACOSTCOMART, unless, of course, you vote for Albert Gore in '08.

-Pausing on the way home to direct a Three-Fingered Shocker at Oregon's rival, the State of Washington, better known internationally as Canada, Alaska, or Russia.


Anonymous said...

hey...my town! That's my bridge behind ya.

Aurora said...

sorry Dustin--but I am just appalled by that baby photos (yes, i see it is a doll) but it is just not funny! just trite...

Oldie said...

The best part about that baby, Aurora, is that it was one of those imbedded computer chip tykes that high schoolers lug around to prepare them for motherhood...Courtney brought it along and we had a blast seeing just how often we could make it cry. I now feel fully prepared for fatherhood.