Reader Recognition

To all of our three readers, we want you to know you don't go unnoticed. This blog is dedicated to you, our oh so faithful viewers. For without you, there would be no "us."

We realize that in a busy world such as ours, three minutes can be a lifetime. It is no wonder that most of our friends and family cannot find sufficient time to check in on us by reading our blog...and understandably so, since catching up on our favorite TV shows and/or surfing the net for other mindless websites takes an obvious precedence. We also realize that in an age of information, it is easy for facts to get lost in the abundance of new information we are bombarded with, thus most can't even remember our blog URL.

So, to Pork, Aurora, and Gibby (our three cherished readers) we commend you. You go above and beyond, and for your efforts we continue to write (with passion, I might add).

For your loyalty and support, we want to give you some well-deserved recognition. Pork, as most know, is my mom (yes, my mom is an avid reader of Old's and my drunken tales). In addition to being a great mom (and all around person), she is also the (unintentional) queen of one-liners, a great cook, an artist (her handmade cards can't be fucked with), and a die hard Giants fan.

Aurora is Oldie's mother in law. She, too, is an artist and fellow blogger. When not creating art and keeping the spirit of the 1960's in vogue, she can be seen frantically chasing Jesus and professing her feminist ways (I know, quite the mix). Some of Aurora's art can be seen on her blog: http://foxyartstudio.blogspot.com/ Show her some love, folks.

Gibby, a functional alcoholic and all around maniac, is a life-long friend who now lives in Boston. When not drinking or selling stocks (his profession), Gibby puts in work by representing for San Francisco and the Giants on the East Coast, while also harassing me to write more than my fragile little fingers can handle. He is one of our biggest supporters. In fact, he recently visited Stumptown and promised to document his stay by writing a guest blog (how long must we wait, Gib?)

So, to say it again, we thank the three of you. We appreciate your support and hope to, someday, bump our viewership up to 4 or 5.


H A said...

hey. i read. it's conducive to this little thing i call slacking at work.

luckygreen said...

See, I knew it wouldn't take long before we bumped up to 4 full-time readers.

You are the awesomest.

Pork said...

Ahhhhh! For once I am speechless. Thanks guys for great insight and entertainment.

Sluggy said...

Good stuff! All I really want to know is where Gibby finds the time to read this blog? He should be busy planning my future in stocks. Back to work, Gib-old boy (Red Bull & vodka in hand, of course)!

Aurora said...

HI you 2! thanks for the kind words and blog link! but--hey? chasing jesus??/what the heck is that about? Everyone knows I'm a eco-feminist pagan Quaker!

Mikey said...

...somehow it seems wrong if I don't check in at this point...I'm a reader, too!