Underdog Lucky Lab Declared Preeminent Portland Brewery

The results of our most recent poll, asking who the finest brewery is in Stumptown:
  • Lucky Lab: killed the competition, taking 33% of the vote.
  • McMenamin's: 18% (Seriously? Their IPA tastes like Band-Aids.)
  • BridgePort, Laurelwood, Old Lompoc, MacTarnahan's, and Widmer Bros. all tied, with a respectable 8% each.
  • Hair of the Dog, Tugboat, and Rockbottom: 0%...better improve your marketing department, folks.

Make sure to participate in our newest poll...now that the rains are here in all their Biblical Flood proportions, what's your favorite rainy day activity? This poll will run through next month, as well, since it got off to such a late start.

Thanks for the interaction, peeps.

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luckygreen said...

Good thing we had an abundant sample size to accurately convey Portlanders' opinions.