Avoid the Extra Glucosa...

As Jeff has frequently informed our loyal readers, I am a huge fan of the "gibblet." The gibblet (or nibblet, tiddbit, nuggeeeeet and dozens of other variations) refers to a tasty little snack, preferably of the greasy, fried variety. I search high and low for new additions to my regular rotation of gibblets, often purchasing well more than I can ever eat alone or store at home (often leading me to pass them off onto the homies...Jeff is currently babysitting at least four recent purchases at the moment). A recent find is the Vietnamese snackpack called Trai Cay Say. It's basically a bunch of fruits and starches (pineapple, banana, taro root, sweet potato, and jack fruit) of the dried, fried, and salted kind.

Anyway, while snickersnacking this afternoon, I decided to attempt to decipher some of the Vietnamese language present on the bag when I spotted a small paragraph of English...If anyone can tell me what this means, I'll change my name to Pol Pot.

By the special processing industry used in the process of production of dry products from fresh fruits. No chemical substance is used, but the colour and natural flavour is well maintained. These dried products have also the peculiarity of sweet, smelling, appetite, crispness, tempting taste. Provide many nutritive facts, vitamins, mineral necessary for the body, avoid the extra glucosa.

Kinda makes you hungry...

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