Fat-Faced Caricatures

I must admit that I haven't caught a South Park episode in years (a decade?), most likely since abandoning channel surfing back in high school. However, who can deny the greatness that is the South Park character. This site was passed my way, and allows you to create your own no-neck fat head caricature.
Go ahead, release your inner dress-wearing, chain-smoking, sword-wielding, bald and bearded, gypsy spaceman.

Here's my (quite accurate) self-rendition:

They're really just more intricate Peanuts characters, aren't they?


H A said...

shouldn't there be a sharpie sticking out of one of the shirt pockets?

luckygreen said...

I'll assume RBL is playing from that boombox.

scott weaver said...

this blog is blog-arrific!

Aurora said...

who passed this link on to you? hint: a link to my blog would be nice here ;-)