Oden/Durant v. the Portland Pricks

A few quickbitters:

  • Just heard on the news that car thefts in the Metro area are already up by 25% this year over last, and that percentage is expected to rise. Apparently, high numbers of retiring piggy-cops, plus no new piglets to take over the sty (recruitment is very unproductive lately) = the elimination of the Auto Theft Task Force = little hope of our car ever being recovered. You'll be missed, little buddy (along with the other 1,868 cars stolen between Jan. - Apr.).

  • We're rabid Trailblazer fans here, and have been crossing our fingers for a touch of luck in the NBA draft lottery. We were looking at a decent No. 6 pick, which we likely would have included in a trade to get some veteran leadership on the team (our closest thing to a leader is Zach "Stroke-Faced, IQ of a Box of Cereal, Hoop Family General" Randolph, who, I admit, is fucking great and should have been All-Star material). We had close to a zero chance of landing the first or second draft picks (well, actually a 5.3% chance). Well, tonight Portland was blessed with a kiss from the Hoop Gods, landing not the No. 2 pick (nor the 3, 4, or 5 picks...that would have been anti-climatic, dummy.), but the No. Fucking One Draft Pick. Watch for us in the playoffs next year. Now the debate begins about who to pick, Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, both extremely gifted players with very different skill sets. As a little bit of audience participation, please leave a comment with your vote, and I'll talk to my boy Kevin Pritchard about making your wishes come true.

Looks like someone's got more game than the other....


Distilled.Publishing@gmail.com said...

Oden. Hate to say it, but as the Blazers are just slightly more popular than our President these days, I think you have got to look longterm and rebuild around a big man. There I said it. It hurts, knowing that Durant will probably light up the world next year.

luckygreen said...

Durant will win the Rookie of the Year award. Longterm, though, Oden is the man and you need the big man to build around. However, with Randolph (yes, "stroke-faced, IQ of a box of cereal Randolph) and Aldridge, there's no room for Oden. Unless you (we, the Blazers and fans) can trade Randolph to make room for another big man, Durant may be the best choice.