Jeff and I recently had a discussion about our lack of "Pondering Life" in our posts of late, and quite frankly, ever since the inception of these Portland chronicles. To match the spirit of our usual entry, we've decided on a name change.

From now on, "Pondering Life with Old and Jeff" will be replaced with the more appropriate "Tales from the Stump." Stump is short for Stumptown, a nickname given to Portland back in the early logging days when the city still had tree stumps in the streets. The page's address will remain oldandjeff.blogspot.com for a few weeks more to allow time for our emails detailing the changes to reach all three of our loyal readers, at which point it will be promptly changed to:

Don't click on it yet, stupid. It's not active yet...it will be switched over sometime before I leave for Alaska mid-June (to hunt for grizzlies and mongoloids), so keep an eye out. Hopefully we won't lose too many of you in the transition.

Thanks for bearing with us in our second major (minor?) growing phase as we attempt to expand the readership. This doesn't mean we'll water the content down, or change much at all...we'll still be the same folks who aren't afraid to use the word "retard" and "hymen-crisp" in the same sentence.
Much love,
Old and Jeff


luckygreen said...

Perhaps we can create a sister blog devoted to the various ways we can use "retard" and "hymen-crisp" in the same sentence.

By the way, in the film, Godfather II, wasn't there a Jewish mobster named Hymen?

Anonymous said...

i think the name change...is an EXCELLENT move...and don't worry i will follow you ...always. Kes