Nas and Christ Adore Portland Apparently...

Remember that promise I had made about posting every few days? Well, that was before I came down with an especially nasty case of the bird flu that I just can't seem to kick (I really need to stop sharing needles with my clients when I shoot up that good ol' black tar). The CDC has had me quarantined in my apartment, which has also been encased in a gigantic bubble to prevent a viral outbreak in the greater metropolitan area. Luckily, the Internet is still accessible in my plastic exile...I've spent the last few weeks either masturbating to boost my immune system or reading my new favorite blog, Jesus Christ's Blog. He really is a riot. Show him some love by reading a few posts...you won't regret it, and well he did die for your sins, so you owe him one.


The blog comes to you courtesy of one of our local free weekly papers, The Portland Mercury, a pulpy heap of trash I just absolutely can't get enough of.

Also of note, Nas/Nastradamus/Nasty Nas/God's Son/Nasir Jones/Mr. Fucking Illmatic/Etc. hooked up with the most talented Portland hip hop group, the Lifesavas. Along with Fishbone, they recorded this great track, a remix of "Dead Ones".

Crack an ear here:


The Lifesavas just dropped the new (and highly anticipated) album, Gutterfly, the soundtrack to an nonexistant blaxploitation film. I just picked it up and haven't had a chance to dig into it yet, but I'm very impressed with the little I've heard. These guys were signed to Quannum Records (Blackalicious' label) awhile back, and are set to blow the fuck up...

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luckygreen said...

Ditto that. Gutterfly slaps.