Baseball riddler

I posed this question to Old, and he was hard-pressed to find an answer:

"What is $150.00 well spent?"

Being the intellecual he is, Old insisted that he have time to think about this. He asked if he could call me back when he figured it out. Not wanting to agonize him with a trivial riddle, I gave him the answer.

"The MLB Extra Inning Package offered on Comcast."

Now, folks, with money well invested in quality entertainment, I can watch all (most) of the Giants games this baseball season. What's more, I can do it while sitting on my couch 600 miles from San Francisco, in a city that would not otherwise televise any baseball games. At the very least, it'll save me from buying beer everytime I would normally have gone to the Jolly Roger (good place, check it out on SE 12th just past SE Madison) to watch the games. Yay! Go Giants!


Oldie said...

Dude, I would have figured it out if you had just given me a few days.

Anonymous said...

Having had the package for 2 years, previously, I must agree. Damn EchoStar...Can't even give away my $150. Go Giants!!!!!