I thought it was summer

The sun re-introduced itself to me yesterday. Sometimes I forget that it exists. It led me across the Willamette, where the streets buzzed with street vendors, schemers, businessmen, and students. Pioneer Courthouse Square was my living room for the day. I watched other people watching other people. I enjoyed an iced mocha. I did a crossword puzzle.

When I got bored, I took the Max to the Skidmore Fountain and walked up to Kells. I got a table outside, where I sat with a pint of Guinness. Old and Kes met me there, and we took advantage of the happy hour dinner prices. We contemplated the benefits, as well as drawbacks, of living downtown, and if/when we'd consider such a move. While talking and eating, the guy at the table next to us played the flute. He sounded like one of those dolls (dying and on acid), where you pull the string and some obnoxious sound comes out of it. It was an interesting sound track to our evening. A beautiful evening it was, though.

We all lamented over the realization that the rain would be back tomorrow and that, indeed, it was not yet summer.

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