Apocolyptic snow, Portland style

It seems as if Portlanders have never seen snow. The city gets a light dusting, and everything shuts down: schools, work, even the newspaper delivery (which made me miss my nightly crossword and Blazers recap, damnit!). Seriously, Tuesday saw a couple inches of snow stick to the ground and all you hear on the news is, "Winter Storm Watch, 2007," or "Rare Snow Paralyzes State." Come on, do you think the poor midwesterners or New Englanders close up shop for three months out of the year? No!

To be honest, I shouldn't be making fun, as I'm not very accustomed to the snow either (I think San Francisco gets snow once every 10 years, or something like that...the North Bay maybe gets it once every 5 years). I'll admit, driving on ice isn't very comforting, nor is waking up at six in the morning when the temperature is in the 20s and you have to scrape the ice off of your windshield. However, there are some perks.

To take advantage of the "state-paralyzing snow," I drove up to my parents' place in Amboy to play in the snow. There, I decided to make a new friend...his name was Frosty. Yes, I made a good old fashioned snowman...my first, sort of (I built one with the kids at my job the day before, but they did most of the work...and it was quickly destroyed due to their angry and aggressive impulses). It was actually kind of fun. Mike helped me lift the gigantic mid-section with his tractor, and Pork helped me decorate the face. And, to represent my beloved SF Giants, I adorned him properly in sporting attire, declaring my supreme fandom in a perfectly nerdy and obsessive manner.

Go Giants....Go 2007 Winter Storm!

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