Pandora Is Amazing

If you haven't heard of Pandora Internet Radio, stop fucking around and immediately leave this page for:
Some geniuses (or genii?) figured out a way to allow users to select their favorite song/artist, and the program then analyzes that particular track according to close to 400 musical attributes ranging from melody bells, instrumentationality, tonal harmony aspect ratio, rhythm beat funks, and...well, I don't know anything about musical terms, but needless to say, your mind is already blown. From there, the program begins to select music that it thinks you might enjoy, and you have the option of ignoring the track or selecting whether you like it or not, further building onto your musical style of choice to develop a personalized, ever-evolving radio station. Booyakasha.

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luckygreen said...

Any website that allows you to create a Cellski-genre music station is incredible.