Occupational Hazards

I experienced a "first" this week: testifying on the witness stand. No, I didn't break the code of omerta and turn mob-informant. Nor did assume a new identity under the witness protection program in exchange for being exonerated of crimes against humanity. I did, however, take an oath and swear the truth, and nothing but, that one of my former clients assaulted me and other coworkers while on the job. Yes, a couple months ago, a client that was under the care of my facility became assaultive toward staff and sent some people to the hospital. Subsequently, as the acts of aggression were so severe and unprovoked, charges were pressed and a case was brought to trial. Sounds weird, I know. Such is the life of an employee at a treatment facility for emotionally disturbed kids, though. My job involves, among other things, trying to deescalate kids while in fits of rage and, on occasion, failing....thus leading to blunt blows to the head, bites to the arms, and other various bumps and bruises. It's not a glorious job, nor does it tickle my feet in the least. I do, however, get a giddy feeling when I can leave at night without suffering any injuries, however minor they may be. Here are a couple pics of some recent scrapes and bruises.

No, I do not have a skin disease, as the pic on the left would indicate. But, some kid decided to act like a cat and use my arm and wrist like a scratching pad. Gross, isn't it?
The weird spot on the right isn't where aliens probed me the night of October 12th, 1992. That's in another location. The pic is of a scar on my ankle where I was either bit, kicked, had a door slammed on me, or all three. I thought it was a bruise, but it never went away.

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