I Hate Working

I've been unfaithful to you all lately, and have created another blog elsewhere to get my rocks off temporarily. The first half a dozen posts consist of emails that I sent to my family and buds while traveling in Mexico for several months with my wife a few years back. These represent my love of the lazy life, for I hate working, and think of traveling every single hour of every single day I'm in the office.


I may add to this other blog (by the way, that is a stupid name for an online journal/web log...blog...is it even remotely possible to not come off as a total fucking tool for saying/typing/reading that word) occasionally, possibly ranting about my current workplace, complaining about my lack of ambition for success and riches, or just posting pictures of my penis I took with my cell phone 'cause I have nothing better to do with my "time" at work (which I don't get adequately compensated for anyway).
I wish I liked my job...but in the end, this work thing is for the birds.

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Gator said...

"Work is the curse of the drinking class."