A Necessary Clarification

Coming home from work today, bone-weary and sleep-deprived from my sixth straight shift in ZooDooLand (and still have four more to go before a day off...groan), I finally managed to crack open the ol' email account. Not having checked the blog for several days, I was quite surprised to see that I had dozens of vitriolic messages, berating Jeff and I for going soft, for turning the blog into a poster child for the Cute Revolution, for even thinking about discussing such subjects as love and girlfriends and babies.

Please...let me apologize on behalf of both Jeff and myself for this extreme oversight. We'll try not to let it happen again. This blog will attempt to maintain its hard-earned street cred by once more bringing it to you dirty and drunk like you've come to expect.

Fear not, we're still the same folks who wouldn't hesitate to put a blind autistic retard in a headlock. In fact, by the time you read this, the invitations to Kes and I's long-anticipated Afterbirth BBQ will be en route via snail mail (look for them by the end of the week, with all the usual info such as location, date, time, and types of spices to bring to the Placenta Potluck). Yes, we roll like that.

Thanks for bearing with us during our hour of darkness.


In other news, a baby was born with a penis on its back. Makes you think twice about accepting when someone offers a piggyback ride or asks if you want to play horsey, doesn't it?


H A said...

Actually, it made me think about all the times I've really, REALLY enjoyed piggyback rides.

Max said...

You serious about the placenta pot-luck!?
I've heard of this, but thought only mental hippies did this. Bury it under a bautiful tree if you have to, but making people eat it.....
I wouldn't have even eaten my daughters.....brain finds it too weird.

Anonymous said...

YO....whats up bro? long time no speak or write. anyhow as i was responding to jeffs last post and read yours on my way over to it. yeah dude what the mutherfuck?? im all for jeff finding someone to love and love him back and def for you to be getting your child on since you and kes were planning that when i was out there but dude bring the noise! all joking aside im glad you both are doing well and wish you and kes the best with your new addition. be good. btw the that book case is off the fucking chain.


luckygreen said...

Max and Gib, nice to see you guys visiting the blog. See everybody, we're bi-coastal and international (Gib representing Boston, and Max hailing from Ireland). Thanks for the support, ya'll.

Oldie said...

Gib...come out for another visit soon. My trips are limited for the next 18 years or so, but after that, I swear a Boston adventure is almost mandatory.

Max...the invitation is on the way.