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Posts have become less than frequent lately, and I apologize to you, our loyal readers. I'm still out hitting the streets, e'y day all day, looking for work, and Jeff has a girlfriend, which if you know him, explains everything. As I'm beginning to become somewhat dispirited with my employment search (not sure if it's the economy, or just that I'm that goddamned overqualified, but I can't even seem to get a job tossing pizza, moving rental vehicles, delivering coffee, packing boxes, or bussing tables), I'll try and harness some of my lack of desire to search out crap work on Craigslist and deliver a few more posts before the month's demise.

-R.I.P. Lagniappe, the formerly wonderful restaurant serving up steaming plates of Cajun goodness...you will be missed. Kes and I discovered this place when it was a itty-bitty joint on Broadway and instantly fell in love. Emboldened by its success (or perhaps rising rent?), the owners moved the operation into a cavernous space on bustling Alberta Street. Unfortunately, patrons never really came through, and on many of our visits, the spot looked to be imitating a ghost town...this lack of support killed those crazy Cajuns, and now I'm left with nothing but impossible dreams of their mouth-watering beef brisket, pleasingly-acidic collard greens, Star Destroyer-sized Po'boys, and crisply-hot hush puppies.

-In related news, one of my favorite Ethiopian restaurants, Mudai, appears to have folded, as well. Our new apartment is much closer and I've walked past the sunken storefront many a time now, and have yet to see an Open sign. The doro tibs was magical. R.I.P. Mudai? Say it ain't so.

-An updated (well, 6 month old) photo of the killacat, Frisco, mean mugging ya'll sucka asses.

- Another Only In Portland item: In a recent Willamette Week article, Kyle Burris, a candidate for Mayor, stated the following as the most pressing issues facing Portland today..."The rampant gentrification, perpetuated by yuppie scum, and City Hall. The corruption of our culture, perpetuated by the goddamn hipsters." Another great response, this time by candidate Vladislav Davidzon (perennial winner of the Coolest Name Contest)..."The biggest issue facing our city is that our media believes that we can state the issues in 20 words or less." In. Your. Face. Media. Scum.

-A few interesting websites I've stumbled across recently.
UrbanEdibles ...for if I'm having a craving for free filberts. Make sure you peep the listing for "corn niblets," as it's delicious.

Basic Instructions ...a charming little comic, full of life, laughter, and possibly corn niblets.

Guerrilla Gardening ...please, if anyone is interested in teaming up to get this done, email me, and let's go botany bombing.

Iran Graffiti ...I love repressed, 20 years behind the times, graffiti. Most of these burners and tags remind me of the shit I came across in Chile a few years back. A lot of really bad pieces, but also a few good examples of delightful Banksy-inspired rebellion.

-I really like this photo of a man slowly murdering a tree outside of my former abode.

-Some art piece that snuck out of the gallery and grabbed my attention on a dismally dark and drunken December night. I couldn't but shed a smile.
Lots of love to you all, and stay with us, we'll get back on track soon. I hope.


Oldie said...

Almost forgot...
Check out:

pork said...

That piece of art conjures up images of you and Jeff after a night of 40's....uh, do you know the way home????

Richard Watts said...

That piece is an installation by the muthafuckin man himself, Alex Pardee! http://www.eyesuckink.com