Alaskan Bush Journey .2

Well, that was certainly more than a day or two, but who's counting...anyway, enjoy this second helping of photos from our trip to Alaska.


First thing my father noticed upon entering town was this official City message board with a lovingly handcrafted note attached proclaiming that the water was currently unusable...though we continued to use it, and the nervous ticks have yet to diminish.

This cute little bugger is what's affectionately known as a Shit Lilly in these here parts. Put your nose in it and it really does smell like the crusty asshole of a dead hobo.

The typical trappings of an Alaskan porch: random beach finds, illegal whale bones, and a string of deceased weasels...for sale. My dad bought three.

This is Kes' father's home, one of the nicest in town. That's the boardwalk out front (PA doesn't have any cars, so no streets required). Below is a drift log we hauled into the back bay from a mile away, tied up and waiting to be chainsawed, then axed for firewood. That little row boat is David's primary form of transportation around town.

Me holding up a 75 lb. halibut. Note the rubber gloves, which are worn to ward off the notorious slime halibuts secrete...impossible to wash off and smells like Hoggle's earwax.

My dad's slightly bigger fish (he was sure to rub that in the entire trip). This picture was taken moments before the gaff hook slipped out of my hands and impaled my fathers paunch, located above that ridiculous cock-guard he's wearing. I won't say it was on purpose, but that thing was pissing me off.

The group showing off the day's catch. Our friend and guide Ryan in the back, then from L-R, Squirt, Old, Pops, Kes. Lot's of meat that we're still eating on (email me if you want some, as I'm dying to be able to put some ice cream in my freezer once more).

Pops spending some quiet time alone in the Back Bay via The Skiff. It seems peaceful, but he returned with 3,472 mosquito bites and itched like a scabies victim the remainder of the trip.


kes said...

dustin fialed to mention that I caught the biggest fish that day!!!! so there don!
your daughter-in-law...Kes

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the guys to dismiss the women of the group! Way to go Kes!

Anonymous said...

ummm...75 lbs does not really give you bragging rights. Now, if there was a picture of you gutting it, that may be something to brag about, though I know you get nervous to break a nail when out fishing :)

dondada said...

Well Kes, seems to me that it took two of the women on board to land your fish and wasn't mine bigger at errrrr 467 lbs. ?