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The blog has suffered greatly over the last few weeks. If you judged our lives solely on the activity of our writings, Old and I would be quite the sorry twenty-somethings. To be sure, we've not quit having fun, we've just been lazy. Actually, that's not totally accurate. Maybe it's Old's excuse, but I was in California for a couple weeks and felt compelled to write in another blog to document my time there.
From what I've heard from Oldie, he's been to a couple new restaurants (one, a middle-eastern place that I'd like to try), he bought a new computer, seen some new movies, and had his dad up for a weekend. Oh, I forgot. He, too, went to California. You can ask him how he managed to get the time off for a whole week. So that explains it...Old and I both went to California, although at separate times, and have not yet managed to "ponder life" while back in Portland. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling.
So, as an update, things are fine and dandy in Portland. Cali treated me well, but it's nice to be back in Portland. Weird, I never thought I'd say that. The truth is, though, I don't think my liver could have handled any more time in the Bay Area. Anyway, I'm back at work and trying not to hate it. The weather is great, so Portland isn't as depressing as it was before I went home.
As for adventures of the "Old and Jeff" nature, nothing really stands out. We did manage (nearly) to get into a fight with Rusty at the Rose and Thistle. I didn't know Rusty before that night, but the bartender pleaded with us not to "beat up Rusty, because she didn't want the cook to get fired," so I'm assuming Russ was his name. I'm not sure I remember what Rusty getting his ass kicked had to do with her cook, but her pleading worked.
We also had a grand ol' time at Tom's Sports Bar. I dragged Old there so I could watch the Nuggets in the playoffs. It was a greasy bar that reminded us of Petaluma. The game was fine, but the karaoke in the background was very disturbing. Especially disturbing was the grunting of the MC (Vincent the Oriental Redneck) into the mic. Anyway, Old couldn't handle it, so he left, leaving me with Nicole and Ashley to entertain in Portland. The three of us had a good hang, though, so it wasn't too bad.
Ok, that's that for the moment.

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porksy said...

Amboy Nicole and Ashely? Bet they liked the Big City.....