Got Bed?

I do now, and it's everything it's cracked up to be.

For two and a half years, ever since I left the City by the Bay (one year in Denver, one and a half in the Stump), I've been left to do my dreaming and beauty sleeping on the floor. In that time, I've been lucky enough to have had air mattresses shielding me from the cold, hard floor, but two of them popped and for a good year of that time, I've only had a two-inch thick pad to aid my sleep. What's more, that pad is over 20 years old and was used by my parents in their younger years.

Part of my insistence on not getting a bed can be blamed on my monk-like, ascetic existence, which consists solely of meditation, drinking green tea and detaching myself from all material things. Well, not really. I'm really just scared of committing to things and, by some twisted logic, I associate owning a bed with being settled and having a home. What I've been told, though, is that owning a bed simply means you value your sleep and care about having a healthy back.

So, when my friend Jessica told me her friends were getting a new bed and needed to find a home for their old one, I reluctantly told her I'd take it. We ventured up to their residence in North Portland, threw the mattress in my car, tied the box-spring to the top, and headed back to my place to spruce up my room with this novel piece of furniture.

It only took one night to realize it's not too late to sleep like a baby. If you're reading this, and you, too, have been without a bed, you should seriously consider the investment. It does wonders for your sleep. Good lookin' out, Jessica.

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