Like herpes flare-ups...

...weeee're baaaack.

Excuses are in order.
Jeff was in Europe for the past 2 months and didn't feel that he had to contribute to the blog during his absense...his rationale? "'Cause I like to party."
Great, bud.
Me, myself...well, I purchased a demonic little despot named Frisco. She's a terror of a tiger. Nothing like rescuing a kitten from emminent murder (got her from the Humane Society) and being rewarded with hands that look like maggot-filled meatloaf, absolutely no sleep ("Hey human slave, wake the fuck up, it's 3am, I'm hungry, feed me, you biiotch."), and shit-scented apartment air. I've never been much attached to material goods, but that was always easy when I never really had good shit. However, I recently bought a new couch, and the thing already looks like a raggedy chew toy. Thanks, Frisco. Fortunately, I love the hell out of the little critter, and we've been spending most of our free time with her, teaching her how to kill things and...well, enjoying her preciousness.
Anyway, these two factors have lead us to attempt a change in format for our Portland chronicles...we'll now be attempting to write more frequent, less lengthy entries.
Wish us luck, homebwoyns.

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